Dear Greg:

I would like to again reiterate my wonderful experience in purchasing Super Frog (1956 T-Bone, N800DC) from you back in January 2005. Unlike anything I’ve ever purchased before or since, Super Frog has performed flawlessly through the years and your ongoing support (you are only one phone call away) has been a tremendous asset for me (regardless of what my question might be, you are always there with the answer).

I met you in Tulsa in January 2005 to take possession of this wonderful aircraft. During my check-out flight the flap motor failed. Instead of waving good-bye and leaving to return home (after all, I’d already paid you for the plane), you rearranged your flight schedule, phoned a mechanic you knew in Tulsa, and arranged for a new flap motor to be installed. I then flew Super Frog home to Chino airport in California.

I’ve owned eight previous airplanes and none have been as fun to fly or as trouble-free as Super Frog. I use Super Frog for business and typically fly all over the Western States. In the nine years I’ve owned Super Frog, there has only been one single flight cancellation due to a mechanical issue (a snagged cable that you helped me get fixed). I’m still astonished that something built almost 60 years ago can be stronger, more reliable, and more trouble-free than airplanes being manufactured today.

Buying, owning, and operating Super Frog—all with your always willing and ongoing support—has been the greatest experience in my 41 years of flying!

Thanks again for selling me such a fabulous “Gregized” Twin Bonanza (the best and strongest piston aircraft ever built)! And I’m more than willing to discuss any of this with anyone wishing to call me (Doug at 714-742-8374).

Doug Caffey